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Blitz.co Studio

Providing maximum services at quite affordable prices.

About Us Blitz.co Studio

Our gratitude goes to God Almighty for the establishment of our business Blitz.co Studio. Began as a Fisheries student who loved photography since graduation in 2018. In 2019, he began his career as a photo editor at a well-known wedding organizer in Bandung. But with the determination to develop he plans to build a studio in the Jatinangor area. After several years of this endeavor, with the help of family and friends, finally stood Blitz.co Studio Photography in 2019. Many obstacles and obstacles did not make Blitz.co Studio surrender, with the inclusion of God until now Blitz.co Studio has several crew and staff who are very helpful in the development of this business. We also do not forget to thank our clients who have trusted Blitz.co Studio as a vendor at the Ladies and Gentlemen’s event to capture unforgettable memories.

Welcome To Blitz.co Photography

You may have some questions about Blitz Photography, so let me explain our thinking and bear with us on this one. Everyone these days has the ability to take a picture, but will that image stand the test of time? A great family portrait not only turns a house into a home, it creates a legacy for people who are not even born yet. Your wedding pictures aren’t for you…they’re for your kids. Our 5 year journey has taken us all over the world to amazing places to photograph some really interesting people. Good, bad and just plain weird! We know the value of a picture…so do you. “I do?” I hear you ask. Of course. How great is it to look at old family photographs? A window opens into the past because your relatives made a link to the future. You experience what they felt. You don’t need a time machine, just a simple piece of paper with some familiar faces on it. Yet it’s not the paper you hold in your hands that matters, but the memory of those people and what they mean to you. Can you see their faces reflected in your children’s eyes? You probably thought when you clicked onto this page you were looking for a photography expert (you found one) but we like to think what you’ve actually discovered is something more. Your guide to time travel. We’re all on a journey somewhere. We’ll capture your love and your happiness now. You keep it safe for the future.


Business Product Description

We are trusted by many customers

The business products offered are photography and videography services for several moments like the following:

  1. Photo Graduation
  2. Photo Prewedding (get Print and Frame)
  3. Wedding Photos and Videos (get Soft Files)
  4. Engagement Photos and Videos (get Softfile)
  5. Photo Endorses

Blitz.co Studio

Our Business

Blizt.co Studio is a business engaged in services. The formation of due to seeing a lot of opportunities and potential from me and my friends who have hobbies and expertise in the field of photography and videography, then on December 20, 2018 formed a photography and videography service called Bliz.co Studio

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Why Booking With Us?

People believe in what they see; thus, product photos can create a lasting impact on your business. By collaborating with Blitz.co Studio Photography to get photography products for your company, you get maximum product photo quality with minimal risk in one professional work package. We need to do your Product Photo Services according to your needs.

  • Photos are done by a team of experienced professional photographer.
  • Best price with premium photo quality.
  • Excellent Service, Simply send the desired product to our studio.
  • On Time, Guaranteed submission of final files according to the information we provide.

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