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National Capital City of the Nusantara (Indonesia) located in North Penajam Paser Regency, East Kalimantan (Kaltim) is targeted to become Indonesia’s new economic center. Around 8,000 hectares of land at National Capital City of the Nusantara are specially prepared to work on the tourism and entertainment sector (entertainment & tourism). The development of the tourism sector is quite supportive from a geographical point of view. It has a fairly large area of 8,000 hectares, which is also in the forest, not inferior to amusement parks, such as Disneyland, which exist in developed countries, such as Japan, with a different concept in the development of tourism and entertainment areas in the National Capital City of the Nusantara.

One of the attractions of National Capital City of the Nusantara is its landscape. Not surprisingly, there are a number of natural attractions around National Capital City of the Nusantara. East Kalimantan is also rich in culture, starting from traditional tribes, traditional houses, and traditional dances. The Zero Point of National Capital City of the Nusantara is a marker for the center of the new capital city later. This location has begun to attract public attention since the ritual of uniting land and water from 34 provinces into the archipelago’s jug.

The following tourist destinations around National Capital City of the Nusantara include:

  1. Bangkirai Hill is a forest area of 510 hectares which is part of PT Inhutani’s concession area of 19,000 hectares. There are thousands of types of trees that cover Bangkirai Hill. The tree species that dominate this natural forest are bangkirai trees and chain trees. Apart from that, there are medicinal plants such as bajakah wood, as well as other types of medicinal plants. Visitors can also cross the 64 meter long Canopy Bridge. This suspension bridge is at a height of 25 to 30 meters. When crossing the Canopy Bridge, tourists can see views of the forest. There are also other forest tourism facilities, including flying fox, swing line, wall climbing, and net bridges. The location of Bangkirai Hill is in Samboja District, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan. From the National Capital City of the Nusantara Zero Point location, the distance is 17 kilometers and takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.
  2. Mentawir Tourism Village has a number of natural attractions that are its main attraction. Quoted from the Tourism Village Network website of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), the attractions of this tourist village are the Balikpapan Bay area, mangrove forests, Mentawir River rafting, bamboo forests and tropical forests. In addition to nature tourism, visitors can also see first hand the culture of the Paser tribe, one of which is the ronggeng dance. Tourists can also taste seafood and mangrove syrup typical of the Mentawir Tourism Village. Before going home, don’t forget to buy souvenirs made from bamboo made by the villagers. The location of Mentawir Tourism Village is in Sepaku District, North Penajam Paser Regency, East Kalimantan. The distance from the National Capital City of the Nusantara Zero Point to the Mentawir Tourism Village is 40 kilometers, with a journey duration of about 1 hour 17 minutes.
  3. Pampang Cultural Village is home to the indigenous tribe of Kalimantan, namely the Apokayan Dayak tribe. In the 1960s, the Apokayan and Kenyah Dayak tribes, who at that time lived in West Kutai and Malinau, migrated because they did not want to join Malaysia. For years, they moved around until they finally arrived in the Pampang area, then settled in the area. Then in 1991, Pampang Village, located in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, was designated as a cultural village. If you visit the Pampang Cultural Village, tourists can see a variety of typical cultures of the Dayak tribe. Starting from traditional dances typical of the Dayak tribe to the traditional Pamung Tawai traditional lamin house. The traditional house is made of ironwood, complete with decorations and carvings typical of the Dayak tribe in almost all the walls. On weekends, usually the people of Pampang Village hold traditional Dayak dance performances. There are several types of dances that can be enjoyed by tourists, namely the Bangen Tawai dance, Hudoq, Kanjet Woven Rope, Ajay Pilling, Kancet Lasan, Nyalama Sakai, and Kancet Punan Lettu. Tourists can also take pictures wearing traditional clothes typical of the Dayak tribe, or take pictures with local natives. Pampang Cultural Village is located in the Sungai Siring Village, North Samarinda District, East Kalimantan.
  4. The Balikpapan Botanical Garden spans an area of 309 hectares, based on information from the Balikpapan City Environment Service website. This nature reserve is located in the Karang Joang Village area, North Balikpapan District, in the Sungai Wain Protected Forest Area (HLSW) to be precise. Balikpapan Botanical Garden is a Forest Area with a Special Purpose (KDTK) in the form of a botanical garden. Until now, the Balikpapan Botanical Garden continues to develop plant collections and infrastructure development. Officially, the Balikpapan Botanical Garden was inaugurated on December 1, 2005. The aim is for conservation, education, research, nature tourism, and environmental services. The distance from the Zero Point of National Capital City of the Nusantara is approximately 77 kilometers, with a travel time of 1 hour 48 minutes.
  5. Apart from hills, tourists can also find beach tourism around National Capital City of the Nusantara. One of them is Tanah Merah Beach. Quoted from Pesona Indonesia Kemenparekraf, the hallmark of this beach is the presence of pine and pine trees. As the name implies, Tanah Merah Beach has red soil. However, the beach sand is pure white. The combination of red soil, white sand and blue sea gives Tanah Merah Beach its own uniqueness. Tourists who visit can relax on the benches or gazebo that have been provided. There is also a wooden bridge that stretches to the beach that tourists can pass. The depth of Tanah Merah Beach is relatively shallow, which is about 300 meters from the shoreline, so visitors can swim safely. On certain days, there are performances on the entertainment stage at Tanah Merah Beach. This tourist attraction has also been equipped with a number of public facilities, such as parking areas and toilets. Tanah Merah Beach is located in Tanjung Harapan, Samboja District, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan. The distance from the Nusantara National Capital City of the Nusantara Zero Point is approximately 74 kilometers, and takes about 2 hours.

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