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Along the Cijulang Batukaras River

tour experience along the river in Pangandaran
TitleMenyusuri Sungai Cijulang Batu Karas
Posted DateOkt 07, 2019

Hello friend GV Pangandaran, this time I will share a short story about the thrill of the experience of traveling down the river in Pangandaran namely Cijulang River or also known as the River “Green Canyon”. OK, let’s discuss it right away.

No doubt this one natural tourist attraction, it is a very suitable place for your vacation activities. In addition to the place which is still green and still beautiful, in this place we can also get a different holiday experience from other vacation spots in Pangandaran district, which is that we can enjoy the natural conditions in the form of towering stone walls, decorated with mosses and the green trees are shady and there is a clear river water flow that can refresh the body, if we swim there.