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Pangandaran Videos

You want to discover more Indonesia through videos circulating on the web?
So, we invite you to discover some films, some stories, some videos that talk and who discover this country!

Pangandaran West Java

8 Mei 2020
Pangandaran Beach is one of the natural attractions that are excellent in West Java. Located in Pangandaran Village, Pangandaran District, […]

Wonderful Indonesia | Komodo Labuan Bajo

1 Februari 2020
On the westernmost tip of the Island of Flores, the town of Labuan Bajo, or also spelled Labuhan Bajo sits […]

Wonderful Indonesia | Raja Ampat Papua

1 Februari 2020
Underwater enthusiasts flock to this region because it offers the world’s best marine sights. Raja Ampat or ‘Four Kings’, is […]

Wonderful Indonesia | Bali

1 Februari 2020
Bali has been the favorite destination for locals and international tourists for ages. Bali has been the favorite destination for […]

Pangandaran Destiny of the Adventurers Brave Adrenalin booster

4 Desember 2019
Although relatively new district in West Java, but the charm of Pangandaran was really impressive. Attraction potential fee that is […]

Wonderful Indonesia | East Java

27 Oktober 2019
East Java might be the least populated area in Java island, but its charm and unique terrain will captivate its […]

Wonderful West Java

27 Oktober 2019
The enchanting land of Sunda stretches from the Sunda Strait in the West to the borders of Central Java in […]

Visit Indonesia | Wonderful Indonesia

27 Oktober 2019
Wonderful Indonesia is an official campaign for ITB Berlin 2013. Locations : Jakarta, Jogjakarta, East Java, Bali, Sumatra,Tanjung Puting Borneo, […]

North Sumatra

27 Oktober 2019
Nort Sumatra | Sumatra Utara Home to a diverse array of cultures and a fascinating kaleidescope of Indonesian life, the […]
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